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Health. Wellness. Nutrition. Weight loss. Stress Relief.

These are just a few of the buzzwords for concepts which often elude us. Nowadays, a search on the internet will result in thousands of results with conflicting information. There are diet fads, weight loss tricks, and countless advertisements selling products to help maintain our health. It's hard to know what is accurate and what is safe.

This is where a health coach guides you on the path to wellness. As your coach, I work closely with Dr. La Motte and Dr. Gentile to understand your individual needs. The information passed on to you is from the physician who knows your medical history, knows what you need to succeed, and can manage your health history in a consistent manner.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol...if you are overweight, bloated or uncomfortable with your body...if you are stressed out and feeling frazzled...we teach you to manage your issues by lifestyle change and proper nutrition. Our goal is to help you maintain your health with safe and natural methods, and not solely by medication.

As a coach, my job is help you to take charge of your health platform. Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, I will deliver an individualized wellness program that is approved by your physician based on your medical needs.

Who needs a health coach?

Anyone who needs direction, a system of organization, a mentor, accountability, or a nudge in the right direction. We meet weekly or bi-weekly until you reach your desired goal. Manage your lifestyle. Manage your health.

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